Types of manufacture

Blank production

-blank production from sheet, round and section materials;
-cutout of sheet materials;
-cutting circular saws and by table shears.

Machining manufacture

• on multi-purpose lathes; • on universal equipment.

• on numeric controlled machines(detail dimensions 1000x500x500 mm);
• processing on vertical-milling machining centers HAAS company and gantry milling centers SANCO.

• external surfaces with diameter up to 600 mm.

Assembly production

Assembling, coiling, adjustment of equipment.

The shop of special microelectronics

Enterprise manufactures specialized hybrid LF, HF and VHF microelectronic and acoustic electronic equipment using thin-film technology.
The production is performed in premises of 6-8 level of clearance according ISO 14644-1.
Manufacture of microelectronic is carried out on the following technologies: 
• spraying of resistive and conductive materials by methods of thermal vacuum evaporation and magnetron sputtering on a substrate of glass ceramic, piezoquartz, ferrite, lithium niobate; 
• manufacture of thin-film boards by methods of photolithography
• galvanization of thin-film boards by electrochemical methods;
• adjustment of thin-film resistors by laser and chemical methods with accuracy +0,5 %.
• diamond and laser processing of substrates for production of boards of  necessary form and holes diameter 0,1 mm;
• forming of metalized holes in boards;
• assembling of microelectronic in specialized and standard frames using gluing, soldering and different types of micro welding;
• adjustment of microelectronic equipment with the withdrawal of parameters in temperature span from  -60⁰ up to +125⁰;
• technological (mechanic, climatic) testing;
• capsulation of units by laser welding and soldering with filling of internal space by inert gas with overpressure and further control of capsulation; 
During production microelectronic equipment passes quality control and factory acceptance tests. Enterprise has all facilities necessary for providing of operations, mentioned above. Following equipment has been purchased by the enterprise: laser micro processing complex “POLYFER”, convection oven chamber type TWS-850,   applying solder paste dispenser SMT-300, welding stations Weller WX1 etc.  
Microelectronic production area is 2200 ì² and 800 ì² is area the of capsulation zone.